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Cover Song Licensing

We will automatically refund the royalties and fees for any song we find to be in the Public Domain and for any song that we are unable to license due to our inability to confirm the copyright holder. Except for these two cases, refunds will not be given. This includes cases where we cannot license songs due to restrictions of the Compulsory Mechanical Licensing Law of the United States. Please make certain you understand these limitations before placing your order.

Custom Licensing

All custom licensing fees paid are final, and are not eligible for refunds. This includes the upfront fees paid for Custom Assistance and Custom Handling, and any additional fees paid at signing for Custom Handling.

Seal of Authenticity

IDBLM filing and the IDBLM Seal of Authenticity are non-refundable.

Copyright Registration

All fees related to copyright registrations are non-refundable.

Publishing Administration

All fees related to publishing administration are non-refundable.