May 26, 2022
Acting as a licensing agent, Legacy Productions Inc. d/b/a Easy Song ("ES") has acquired Compulsory Mechanical Licenses on behalf of the licensee for each song below marked "Licensed". The licenses cover the format and quantity for the specified release only, identified by the unique Release ID:
Ely James and the Backtrakkers
Cruisn' for a Bluesn'
50 Digital Downloads
April, 2021
Release ID:
Cross Road Blues
By Robert Johnson
Copyright Handle Bar Music o/b/o Standing Ovation Music

ES has licensed the song(s) for the indicated project under the compulsory licensing provisions of the United States Copyright Act (the "Act"). The Act requires that copyright owners issue licenses for "Non-Dramatic Musical Works" under such provisions. The Act requires that the licensee send (i) a "Notice of Intention" prior to distribution of copies, (ii) a "Monthly Statement of Account" reporting sales together with a royalty payment no later than the 20th day of the month following the month when distribution of copies first occurs, and (iii) an annual statement of account that is audited and signed by a certified public accountant. As of the date of this letter, ES has sent the required "Notice of Intention" to the copyright holder of each song on the attached list marked "Licensed" and has assisted the licensee in acquiring the right to distribute its music to the public for private use, as contemplated in 17 U.S.C ยง115(a)(1). ES accepts the legal responsibility to follow through with every compulsory procedure in accordance with the law to the extent that the licensee may legally distribute its audio recording of each song on the attached list marked "Licensed" in the quantities and format recorded above.

Songs not marked "Licensed" have not been licensed by ES on this order. However they may have been licensed elsewhere or the songs may not require mechanical licensing. This may be true if the songs are in the Public Domain or are owned by the licensee. Manufacturers should consult the licensee for proof of licensing for songs not marked "Licensed".

Mechanical Licenses are only for distributing and selling copies of the audio recording of each song to the public. The licensee under a Mechanical License is not licensed to use the song(s) in synchronization with any audiovisual production, to print the lyrics of the song(s), or to use any pre-existing audio recordings of the song(s). Mechanical Licenses are not transferable to other projects and they are valid only for this specific project release, as indicated by the unique Release ID. The licensee may rearrange each licensed song to conform to the style of the performance involved, but the licensee may not change lyrics, the basic melody or the fundamental character of the song.

I certify that I have examined the licensing for this release and that all statements of fact contained herein are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, and are made in good faith, and that under the authority of the Act, compulsory mechanical music licensure has been granted for this project.
Charisse Phernetton
Charisse Phernetton, Licensing Expert
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AlbumReleaseID: 646722
FormatID: 1002
UnitsManufactured: 50
ReleaseMonth: April
ReleaseYear: 2021
Title: Cruisn' for a Bluesn'
Artist: Ely James and the Backtrakkers
LicenseeUserNameString: ElyJames
RepresentativeUserNameString: CadyJenniges
OrderID: 129507
DeliverToCompany: Ely James Music Publishing Company
DeliverToName: Ely James
DeliverToAddressLine1: 4015 Howley Street
DeliverToAddressLine2: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224
DeliverToAddressLine3: United States
DateSigned: 1/22/2021
WhoSigned: CharissePhernetton
FullName: Charisse Phernetton
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ClientFirstName: Ely
ClientFullName: Ely James
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