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Make money licensing your sound recordings

Thousands of creative minds need music to put in their social media, videos, podcasts, advertisements, TV shows, films, theatrical productions, and more. With Easy Song's Marketplace, you can reach these creatives and make money when they use your music.

  • Social Media - Provide background audio for YouTube videos and more.
  • Podcasts - Energize podcasts with lead-in music, backing tracks, and sound effects.
  • Television - Get your music into Netflix and other popular shows.
  • Film - Set the mood when your song fits the scene or rolls with the credits.
  • Stage - Enhance theatrical live performances and stage productions with new sounds.

How it works

  • List any sound recordings that you own 100%. Original works and cover songs are accepted.
  • Earn 75% for originals, 50% from cover songs.
  • Cut out the usual upfront expense of licensing digital downloads for covers songs. We handle all of this for you for any sales that happen on our platform.
  • Keep 100% of your copyrights. Add or remove tracks anytime.
  • Enjoy big opportunities. We help with commercial deals if buyers request this.
  • Receive personal attention and support from an accessible, caring, and helpful team of music licensing experts. We have your back with each transaction.

Stay organized. Stay informed. Stay in control.

  • Manage your catalog online. Add and remove tracks in the portal.
  • Set your own prices. Select from three pricing tiers.
  • Monitor all of your pre-cleared and quoted requests as they come in.
  • Accept or reject quoted requests online. We proceed only with your approval.
  • See our payments to you along with detailed royalty reports.
  • Keep 100% of your rights. Add or remove tracks anytime.

We handle quoted commercial and film requests for you

So you got approached by Netflix. Not sure how much money to ask for? Anxious about negotiations? Relax. Our team of licensing experts understands how to maximize your income from these custom-negotiated revenue streams. We are uniquely positioned to help you in this area. We support you on each request. If necessary, we work with the licensees for you. We make it easy. You relax.

Sell on Marketplace

Selling is available by invitation only at this time. We are in the process of selecting our first sellers. To request an invitation, please complete the form. If your catalog is selected, we will contact you via email. Thank you for your interest.
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