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How to give us feedback

You can call, email, post on your project wall, use our contact us form, or click the "Give feedback" link at the bottom of any page. You can also post, message, and write reviews on our social media pages. Live online chat isn't currently an option, but we will consider adding that in the future.

How we receive your feedback

During business hours, we regularly check our inboxes for new messages. An employee will typically receive your feedback within minutes and relay your message to other team members as needed. Your suggestion quickly lands on the desk of the person that needs to see it.

How we respond

We are proud that when you call us, a real person answers right away. If all lines are busy or if you reach us after hours, your call goes to voicemail. However, we return voicemails as soon as possible. We also practice lightning fast response to emails, wall posts, and more. Each time you reach out, you should receive a response in no more than 24 business hours. However, our goal is to keep this down to a couple of hours max. If you feel that you have waited too long for a response, please let us know and we will fix it.

How to make suggestions for our website

We love getting suggestions from users to improve our website. We can usually implement small changes very quickly. Just ask our client Joseph Lorenzo Wise. He suggested a tweak to his public Proof of Licensing at We implemented the change in hours to the benfit of Joseph and thousands of other customers. If there's something about our system that isn't quite right, please let us know. You might be surprised how fast we fix it.

Give feedback link

We have a "Give feedback" link at the bottom of every page. This is the best way to provide feedback about your experience using our site. Is a page frustrating? Having trouble finding something? Is a link broken? This tool lets you give specific feedback quickly. If you are signed in, your name and email are included automatically. If you are not signed in, be sure to provide your name and email if you want a reply.

If you find an error on our website

We do our best to eliminate programming errors so you never have to see them. If you do find an error, it is automatically logged. This means the page you visited, your username, the time, date, and description of the error are recorded in our database. Our programmers regularly review these logs and work to fix errors quickly. All this information is private, visible only to our programmers. But what it means for you is that if you do see an error, you can rest assured that we know, and we are working on it.

If you prefer to report an error manually, please record as much information as you can. Include the URL of the page you were on, the task you were trying to complete, steps to re-create the error, and a screenshot if you can. Email that information to your licensing rep or submit it through our contact us form.