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Best for songwriters and record labels that regularly release fewer than ten new works and cover songs per year.
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$35 value, INCLUDED

Protect your music. We file up to 10 original works with the United States Copyright Office. You receive Proof of Filing and a certificate in the mail. One copyright filing is included per year. Pay only the $85 federal filing fee.

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$99 value, INCLUDED

Collect all your royalties. We register up to 10 original compositions with hundreds of PROs and agencies worldwide. You collect all your global royalties, including new royalties you can't get from your PRO alone. We report and pay you quarterly.

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Enjoy 20% off our service fees, all year long.
  • Clear Cover Songs
  • Custom Licensing
  • Seal of Authenticity
  • Get Backing Tracks
  • Copyright registration
  • Publish additional songs
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Coming in 2023
License Your Works

$90 value, INCLUDED

Make money by giving permission to use your original music in tv, film, advertising, and more. List songs, lyrics, and backing tracks in the Easy Song Marketplace. Keep 100% of your rights and cancel anytime.

*Giving permission. Does not include getting permission (Cover Song Licensing or Custom Licensing). Learn more

Coming in 2023
Sell on Giddy

$30 value, INCLUDED

Put your music on our new streaming platform and double your income from streams. Giddy pays a penny per play and puts artists first. The revolutionary app is coming to Android and iOS in 2023.

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