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  • Avoid costly errors that happen when you file directly with the USCO. The USCO is unforgiving. You will need to file again and the USCO will charge you twice if they discover any error in your copyright filing.
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Your options for filing a copyright in the United States:

Do not register your works. We don't recommend this.
Register your works directly with the United States Copyright Office. Pay $45 - $85 in federal filing fees. Pay federal filing fees twice if you don't file 100% correctly the first time.
Hire Easy Song to register your works with the USCO. Pay the lowest possible USCO federal filing fee plus $99.00 for our services. Save time and headaches, and reduce risk. Well worth it.

What is copyright?

The United States copyright law provides legal protection for creators of artistic works. The law gives music creators six exclusive rights, making it illegal for others to use their music without permission. The six rights cover each of the ways music is used. If you write a song, only you can record the song the first time, and you have the exclusive right to copy; perform in public; rearrange; and play a recording of your song on the radio, television, or web.

What is copyright registration?

Although copyrights are effective the moment the work is put in a tangible medium, to gain all of the protections of the United States copyright law, you need to register your copyright claims on your original compositions (lyrics and/or music notations) and sound recordings with the United States Copyright Office. Registration of claims is required before you can file a copyright infringement lawsuit or collect certain damages. Registration of claims effectually formalizes your claims and establishes you as the owner of the works. It also preserves the work for posterity because the sample you submit is cataloged with the Library of Congress.

How do I copyright my original music?

You can register copyright claims directly with the United States Copyright Office, or use a company like Easy Song to make the process much simpler, faster, safer, and often more affordable.

Why should I register my copyright?

Registration of music with the United States Copyright Office establishes your claim to exclusive ownership of the music in the United States. When you register, you gain "prima facie" evidence that you were the first to create the work. "Prima facie" (pree·muh fay·shee·ee) is a legal term, which means anyone claiming ownership must prove the music is not yours. If you are serious about protecting your intellectual property and protecting the business of your music, we recommend you make it official, establish your prima facie evidence, and register your music with the U.S. Copyright Office. Learn more about prima facie evidence in our Help Center

What do I get?

You get an official Certificate of Registration from the United States Copyright Office, mailed to the address you provide at sign up. Your work is also entered into the United States Copyright Office's searchable Public Catalog at A sample of your work is cataloged and preserved with the Library of Congress. We send you a PDF Proof of Filing document within 1-2 business days of filing your claim. This document can be helpful if you are in a time crunch and want some evidence that the work has been filed with the USCO.

Why hire Easy Song?

Some songwriters love handling the accounting, negotiations, and back-office work of their music business. For everyone else, Easy Song makes protecting your songs and collecting your income a breeze. You handle the music making and we'll be your back-office. With Easy Song, you get the customer service you love from a company you can trust.

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