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About Membership Discounts 
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Protect your music. We register your original song copyrights with the United States Copyright Office.
About Copyrighting Fees 
$ 99 . ERROR per filing
Plus the $85 federal filing fee
1 filing
Pay only the $85 federal filing fee.
3 filings
Pay only the $85 federal filing fee.
Collect all your royalties. We register your music worldwide. You keep 100% of your copyrights and can cancel anytime.
$ 99 . ERROR 10 songs, one author
songs, collect for one author
songs, collect for one author
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Publish additional songs
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Clear Cover Songs
Get 100% of the rights you need to release your new audio-only recording of any song in 1-2 business days.
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Seal of Authenticity
Have permission to use music? Prove it by displaying this unique Seal with your product. Plus get fee-free reorders for
$ 49 . ERROR per album
$ 39 . ERROR per album
$ 10 . ERROR
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Custom Licensing
Get permission to use copyrighted music for any purpose. We handle everything for you.
$ 299 . ERROR up to five songs
$ 239 . ERROR up to five songs
$ 60 . ERROR
$ 209 . ERROR up to five songs
$ 90 . ERROR

About Credits

For your convenience, membership benefits are delivered in the form of credits that you can hold and redeem anytime at checkout. You can monitor credits in your account status. Credits are good for the year of issuance only (they expire after one year). You will lose any credits if you choose to cancel your membership. Credits cover our service fees. In some cases, other fees will still apply (federal filing fees in the case of copyrighting, for example). If you have concerns, please contact us.

About Membership Discounts

Membership discounts are automatically applied to every purchase as long as your membership is active (no coupon code is necessary). The discount applies to our service fees only. In some cases outside fees will apply and these will be full price, such as federal filing fees in the case of copyrighting.

Membership discounts can be combined with volume and coupon discounts for big savings. All our discounts, including membership discounts, apply to any previously discounted amounts in the following order: volume discounts, coupon discounts, membership discounts.

IMPORTANT: The membership discount does not apply to our Custom Licensing fee for approved licenses or our share of the royalties that we collect for you through Publishing. Please see the terms of use for details.

About Copyrighting Fees

Copyrighting fees are calculated based on the number and types of claims required for your project. Generally, separate fees are required for each work you want to register. In some cases, we may be able to reduce your fees by including multiple works together on the same filing. Our website will automatically calculate the number of filings required based on your project details and reduce your fees when possible.

In addition to our $99 fee, each copyright filing requires a federal filing fee of $85. All of this money goes to the U.S. Copyright Office; for this reason, membership discounts and credits do not apply to federal filing fees.

When filing multiple songs, separate fees are required (our fee + federal fee) for each unique author combination AND anytime songs are submitted to Easy Song on a different date, such as adding a song to an existing project at a later date.

For any song that has been released (defined by the USCO as "publication", made available to the public prior to filing) , separate fees are required from unreleased works, and separate fees are required to file a claim on any sound recordings (if you choose to register them). Note that this limitation does not apply to unreleased works, where claims on both the musical work and sound recording can be made together without incurring additional fees.