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Pay $99.00 for your first ten songs, then $9 for each additional song (or less). Get the services of a traditional publishing deal at a more affordable price.
We Register Your Works
We register your songs with dozens of collection agencies worldwide. We also service incoming requests and facilitate licensing opportunities.
Get Paid Quarterly
We pay you quarterly via direct deposit. We take 25% of the royalties we collect for you and you keep 75%. You keep 100% of your copyrights, and you can cancel anytime.

Traditional publishing services at half the price.

  • Enjoy full-service PRO registration, licensing, customer service, and more.
  • Receive personal attention from the most accessible, caring, and helpful team.
  • Earn a higher payout. Keep 75% with us vs. 50% with a traditional publishing deal.
  • Unlike traditional publishing, keep 100% of your copyrights and cancel anytime.

Global works registration done right, done fast.

  • Simple. You submit your songs to us and we handle the rest.
  • Accurate. We review each song before registering.
  • Fast. We register your works within 1-2 business days.
  • Complete. We submit to dozens of PROs and agencies around the world.
  • Professional. Know your songs are registered correctly, on-time, every time.

Stay organized. Stay informed. Stay in control.

  • Manage your songs online at easysong.com.
  • See our payments to you along with detailed royalty reports.
  • Follow along with the progress of your song registrations.
  • Get regular status updates so you know what to expect.
  • Keep 100% of your rights. You're free to cancel anytime.

Your options for publishing in the United States:

100% ownership
Self Publish
  • Self-register your songs (ASCAP, HFA, MLC).
  • Miss income opportunities (ex: global royalties).
  • Lose licensing money (ex: no deals, low-pay deals).
100% ownership
Self-Service Administration
  • Get global royalty collection at a low cost (15%).
  • Receive limited customer service and support.
  • Get no help copyrighting your works.
  • Get little licensing help or opportunities (ex: handling of incoming inquiries, promotion of your songs to licensees, negotiating and executing deals).
100% ownership
Easy Song Publishing Administration
  • Enjoy global royalty collection at a low cost (25%).
  • Receive amazing personal attention and service.
  • Save time. We handle incoming licensing inquiries.
  • Open up opportunities. We present your catalog to our licensing customers when appropriate.
  • Seamlessly add United States copyright registration (additional fees apply).
Pay $99.00 one time. Simplify your life. Open up opportunities.
50% ownership
Traditional Publishing
  • Get global royalty collection, but at a high cost (50%).
  • Give up some ownership to the publisher (35% to 50%).
  • Sign a long-term contract.
  • Receive support depending on your success.
  • Get help with licensing inquiries, opportunities, and more.
0% ownership
Sell Your Copyrights
  • Retain zero rights over your works.
  • Collect zero money from royalties.

ALL your money

We collect royalties people owe you when they use your music. We collect new royalties you can't get from your PRO alone. We even handle any incoming license requests you receive for you, and negotiate and clear them with your approval.

  • ALL streaming royalties - from services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.
  • ALL download royalties - from services like iTunes and Amazon.
  • ALL physical royalties - from reproductions on CDs, Vinyl, Cassette Tapes, and more.
  • ALL mechanical royalties - from agencies like Harry Fox, Music Reports, and Easy Song.
  • ALL YouTube royalties - whenever a video that contains your music is viewed.
  • ALL performance royalties - from around the world, including money that ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC do not collect for you.
  • ALL custom royalties - from synch, master, print, and theatrical rights requests. This is something we administer, negotiate, and collect for you in a way only Easy Song can.
  • ALL unclaimed royalties - We even look for unclaimed money from before you signed up with us. It's no guarantee, but sometimes we find it!

ALL types of royalties

We collect every type of royalty that exists.

  • Digital
  • Digital Download
  • Digital Radio
  • Digital Streaming
  • Download
  • Grand*
  • Interactive
  • Interactive Streaming
  • International
  • Internet Radio
  • Master*
  • Mechanical
  • Music Publishing
  • Non-Interactive
  • Non-Interactive Streaming
  • Performance
  • Print*
  • Publishing
  • Radio
  • Retransmission
  • Satellite Radio
  • Streaming
  • Synch*
  • Theatrical*
* Our team of licensing experts understands how to maximize your income from these custom-negotiated revenue streams. We are uniquely positioned to help you in this area.

ALL over the world

We span the web and the globe to gather your royalty income. Collect new royalties from many territories that you can't get from your PRO alone.

102 royalty sources like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music
62 PROs and MROs such as ASCAP, BMI, MCPS, ABRAMUS, and APRA.
60 territories including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

What is music publishing?

Music publishing is the business of protecting original compositions (songs) and collecting the income they earn. Music publishers register copyrights, negotiate licensing deals, collect royalties, and report to their clients. In a nutshell, they help composers get paid when others use their music.

Your music is a business.

As a songwriter, you are entitled to money every time your original content is used by someone else. It’s the law. You have an asset that can generate income. You have the legal right to the earnings. But it’s up to you to protect your asset and collect the money. In that sense, your music is a business. It makes money or it doesn’t. You decide.

Why hire Easy Song?

If you are registered with ASCAP or BMI, great! But you still might not be collecting all of your royalties. That's because ASCAP and BMI collect only one type of royalty (public performance royalties) in only one country (the United States). Dozens of other agencies across the globe are collecting various types of royalties each time your songs are used. They need to locate you and that's where we can help. There's a whole world of royalties out there waiting, so start today.

Perhaps you have begun to experience some traction with your songs. If so, you may now be receiving your first requests to use your copyrighted works. For example, maybe someone wants to record a cover version of your song. Or maybe they want to use your lyrics in their publication or novel. Every day, our team of licensing experts handles all types of requests. We know what to do to maximize your earnings from these deals. We also have the tools to manage all aspects of the request for you. This makes things easy on you, and on the licensees, your customers.

We are also experts in copyrighting, which means we can easily and affordably help you protect each new work as you publish it. This saves you time and energy, and protects your works right away, before any harm can come to them. Copyrighting is available for an additional fee, but the convenience of getting this done in one place is something that's normally only available through a traditional publishing deal, or by hiring an attorney.

Some songwriters and business owners love handling the accounting, negotiations, and back-office work of their music business. For everyone else, Easy Song makes protecting your songs and collecting your income a breeze. You handle the music making and we'll be your back-office. With Easy Song, you get the customer service you love from a company you can trust.

What are the terms?

We take 25% of the royalties we collect for you and you keep 75%. This is less than a traditional publishing deal (35-50% plus ownership of the works), and more than straight publishing administration (where you get no help and are 100% on your own). You can think of us as a robust pub admin service where you get the personal treatment of a traditional publishing deal, including handling of Custom Licensing negotiations, without having to give up ownership. You keep 100% ownership of your works and you are free to cancel anytime. Learn more in the terms.

When do I start receiving royalties?

After you sign up, we begin registering your works with dozens of agencies across the globe. This takes time and results can be subject to the pace of these agencies. Royalties begin flowing roughly 6-9 months after signup. Our accounting terms are 90 days. Learn more in the terms.

What we do

We register your works with the United States Copyright Office and with hundreds of performing rights organizations and royalty collection agencies worldwide. You collect new royalties that you can't get from your PRO alone, including global performance royalties, global mechanical royalties, YouTube and TikTok income, and more. We monitor and report to you, and pay you quarterly.

We offer MLC database accuracy checks, a unique new service only available with Easy Song. We make sure you are properly attributed as the owner of your works in the Music Licensing Collective's national database for mechanical licensing under the Music Modernization Act. If necessary, we add your works or update your database listings for you. Don't overlook this important step as the Music Modernization Act transition of mechanical royalties to the MLC has already begun.

Coming in 2023 we will help you list your music, lyrics, and audio recordings for licensing in the Easy Song Marketplace. There, you can make money by giving permission to use your music. We act as the one point of contact for all questions regarding your content. When synchronization, master, print, theatrical, and mechanical requests for your music come in, we handle them for you.

In essence, we keep an eye on your catalog and act as the "big brother" you can turn to whenever questions come up. Serving you is our top priority. We roll out the red-carpet and deliver an unprecedented level of customer service with passion and integrity.

Still have questions?

Please visit our Help Center, check out our Terms of Use, or contact us directly. We will be happy to help.

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