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How to earn referral cash

Tell your friends about Easy Song and ask them to mention your name when they sign up. Like us on Facebook to receive exclusive coupons in your news feed, then share them with your friends. You will help your friends save money and you will earn referral cash.

Example referral You earn
3 songs $7.65
5 songs $12.74
10 songs $23.99
Monkey showering in cash Start earning easy referral cash today! You get 15% of our fees for every referral.

No enrollment required

If you're signed up at Easy Song, you're ready to collect referral money. There's no additional enrollment required. So start now, spread the good news, and get paid this month.

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Every referral counts

We ask every caller how they heard about us. If they mention your name, you get paid. We capture every referral, you get paid every time.

Earn 15% per referral

We pay you fifteen percent of our fees for every new customer you send us. Five songs earns you $12.74. Ten songs gets you $23.99. We want you to make lots of money. If you see dollar signs, you're going to send more friends our way.

Automatic monthly paychecks

Getting paid is simple. You don't have to fill out forms or request payment. Instead, we send you monthly paychecks automatically. We have a strong incentive to keep the money rolling your way. The easier it is for you to get your referral money, the more you'll want to send your friends our way. Plus, there's no minimum to get your payment. We'll send a check for as little as two bucks.